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Jimmy Stewart

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Tax Claim

Property Tax Auctions

Tax Assessment Office

Contact Info

Indiana County Chief Assessor
Frank E. Sisko Jr.​

Deputy Director: Anna Bodnar

Solicitor: Michael J Supinka

Indiana County Tax Claim Bureau 
Indiana County Courthouse, Second floor
825 Philadelphia St.
Indiana, PA 15701-3973

Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30am-4pm

Phone: (724) 465-3810

Closed Holidays

Welcome to the Tax Claim Office

The purpose of the Tax Claim Bureau is to collect delinquent real estate taxes on behalf of the School District, local municipalities, and the County.​​​

tax claim office


May I pay my taxes with a credit card?

No. Acceptable forms of payments are cash, check, money orders, or certified funds.

May I pay my taxes online or by phone?

No. You may pay in the office during the normal business hours 8:30 am – 4:00 pm Monday-Friday or by mailing your payment to:
Indiana County Tax Claim Bureau
825 Philadelphia St.
Indiana, PA 15701
Enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope if you wish to have a receipt returned.

May I make payments on my taxes?

Yes. Payments may be made at any time in any amount until the time the claim is due in full. Formal payment contracts are offered only when a property is at least two years delinquent and approaching a tax sale deadline.

How much is the fee for lien certificates?

Lien certificates are issued the same day as the request for a fee of $5.00 per parcel.

Where can I pay my delinquent Per Capita tax?

Delinquent per capita tax cannot be accepted at the Tax Claim bureau office. They can be accepted at Berkheimer, Statewide Recovery, and the Treasurer’s Office.

Occupation/Per Capita FAQs

What is a Per Capita Tax?

It is a “Head Tax” that everyone 18 years of age and older are required to pay.

What is an Occupation Tax?

This tax is based on employment, but not all of Indiana County Municipalities and School Districts levy occupation taxes.

I have moved, retired or become unemployed, who should I contact? I moved during the year, how do I know which municipality to pay?

Contact your Tax Collector in your municipality. You are responsible for contacting your Tax Collector of any changes to your name, address, or occupation status. Where you live on January 1st of the year determines where you pay taxes at for the entire year.

What is “Statewide Recovery” and "Berkheimer” and why are they sending me a past due bill?

Statewide Recovery is a Debt Collection service out of Sunbury, PA 17801. They are contracted by a taxing body to collect unpaid Per Capita/Occupation Taxes. Berkheimer is another Debt Collection service which is out of Lehigh Valley, PA 18002. They also collect unpaid Per Capita/Occupation Taxes.

*If you receive a notice from either one of these companies, you should contact them regarding any questions or payment.

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