Domestic Relations

Welcome to the Indiana County Domestic Relations Section

The Indiana County Domestic Relations Section strives to ensure family self-sufficiency. Our goals are to ensure that children have the financial and medical support of both their parents; to foster responsible behavior towards children and to emphasize that children need both parents involved in their lives. The Indiana County Domestic Relations Section focuses on helping children get the financial support they need when it is not received from one or both parents. To accomplish this, we work directly with the families we serve and partner with state and federal agencies and private companies to carry out critical steps in the child support process.

Contact Info

Director: Darren Divido

Indiana Co. Domestic Relations Office
280 Indian Springs Rd., Indiana, PA 15701

Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-4pm | Closed Holidays
Phone: (724) 465-3940Fax: (724) 463-1639

Domestic Relations