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Children & Youth Offices

Programs & Services

Reporting Child Abuse

Child Service Links

Contact Info

Director: Sarah Ross

Children and Youth Office
280 Indian Springs Rd.
222b Suite
Indiana, PA 15701

Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-4pm

Phone: (724) 465-3895
Fax: (724) 465-3179
Toll-Free: (888) 559-6355
ChildLine: (800) 932-0313
TDD: (724) 465-3896

Closed Holidays

Emergency: Child Abuse or Neglect after 4:00 PM and weekends call 911 or Childline at (800)-932-0313

Welcome to the Children & Youth Offices

Mission Statement

To ensure the protection of children from the damaging effects of abuse and neglect, to facilitate services within the community, to empower families to provide for their children in a safe environment and enable them to reach their full potential.


Service Area: Indiana County

Indiana County Children & Youth Services has assisted children, youth, and families with issues related to child abuse and neglect since 1936.


Reporting Child Abuse: Mandated Reporters

Am I Mandated To Report If The Child Disclosed He Was Hit And There Are No Injuries?

​Regardless Of Injuries, You Are Required To Report When You Suspect A Child Has Been Abused. ChildLine Will Assess The Report And Make The Appropriate Type Of Referral To The Appropriate County Agency Or Law Enforcement Agency.

Are Calls To ChildLine Taped And Do You Have Caller ID?

​ChildLine Does Not Tape-Record Calls And Does Not Have Caller ID. All Calls To ChildLine Are Confidential Under The CPSL.

How Can I Find Out What Actions Were Taken On The Report I Made?

As The Mandated Reporter Who Made The Report Of Suspected Abuse, You Are Entitled To The Following Information:

  • The Final Status Of The Child Abuse Report Following The Investigation, Whether It Be Indicated, Founded Or Unfounded; And
  • The Type Of Services Provided, Arranged Or Planned By The County Agency To Protect The Child.

You Will Need To Contact The County Agency Responsible For The Investigation To Obtain The Information.

I Am A Mandated Reporter; Do I Have To Give My Name?

​As A Mandated Reporter, You Are Required To Give Your Name And Where You Can Be Reached. This Enables The County Agency To Reach You If They Have Any Further Questions Or To Verify Any Of The Information.

Reporting Child Abuse: Other

How Old Must A Child Be To Be Left Home Alone?

​There Is No Set Age At Which A Child Can Be Left Alone. There Are Guidelines Which Suggest The Following Conditions Be Considered In Making A Decision: The Child’s Maturity Level, How Many Children Are In The Child’s Care, The Length Of Time The Child Is Alone And The Availability Of Nearby Adults To Assist The Child If There Were A Problem. Each Situation Must Be Carefully Evaluated.

What Does ChildLine Do With My Report?

ChildLine Contacts The Appropriate County Agency So They May Begin An Investigation. In Cases Where The Perpetrator Does Not Meet The Definition Under The CPSL, A Referral May Be Made To The Appropriate District Attorney’s Office. In Addition, If A Referral Suggests A Need For Other Services Or Investigation, ChildLine Notifies The Appropriate Agency.