Indiana County Voting & Elections

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Contact Info

Board of Elections
R. Michael Keith
Robin A. Gorman
Sherene Hess

Chief Clerk: Robin Maryai
Phone: 724-465-3805

Election Coordinator: Wilson Ragen

Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Monday through Friday

Indiana County Court House
Commissioners Office
2nd Floor
825 Philadelphia Street
Indiana, PA 15701


Services for Candidates

Candidates for election to local office may obtain nominating petitions from the Board of Elections and submit completed nominating petitions to the board at the Indiana County Court House.

Indiana County Elections

The Indiana County Board of Elections formally administers the Primary and General Elections in Indiana County.

The County Board of Elections normally consists of the three county commissioners. A county commissioner may not serve on the Board of Elections in any election in which that commissioner is a candidate for any public office, including re-election. In those cases, the President Judge of the Court of Common Pleas names temporary members to serve as the Election Board.

The Pennsylvania Election Code sets forth the duties and responsibilities of the county board of elections. Click here for the online state code.

The Board of Elections prepares the ballots for each election to include the local offices designated by the municipalities and school districts within the county and the state and federal offices designated by the Secretary of the Commonwealth.

The elections in Indiana County also are conducted in compliance with the federal Help America Vote Act of 2002. Click here to read the act online. The Board of Elections manages the polling place sites and coordinates the work of election officials including the judges and inspectors of elections and other workers on election days.

Under the voting system implemented in the county in 2006, voters select candidates on paper ballots which are read and recorded in optical scanning machines at the polling places.

The Indiana County Official Count Board meets on the Friday after each election. After being sworn in, the count board conducts an overall review of the reports and paperwork from the districts, reviews all ballot counts and performs a hand count of at least one randomly selected district. When the Official Count Board completes its work, the Board of Elections certifies the results, subject to state verification.

Form and Documents Helpful to Candidates

Political Committee Registration Statement (Form 500)

This form is used to register a new political committee or amend the original registration when the committee appoints a new chairperson, treasurer, or changes any other required information.

Authorization for a Committee to Receive (Form 501)

This form is the official authorization by the candidate allowing the committee’s treasurer to receive funds on behalf of that candidate.

Campaign Finance Report (Form 502)

This form is for the use of candidates and political committees required to report expenditures and contributions.

Campaign Finance Statement (Form 503)

This form can be used in place of the 502 Form when the amount of expenditures and contributions during a reporting period do not exceed $250.

Independent Expenditure Reporting Form (Form 505)

If an individual makes an expenditure exceeding $100 in a calendar year to influence the outcome of an election, independent of the political committee, this form must be submitted.