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Welcome to the Tax Assessment Office

Thank you for your interest in the Indiana County Assessment Office. Here, you will find links to many forms, documents, and information related to the reassessment, including links to the Indiana County property database on the Courthouse Online website. Please contact the Tax Assessment Office if you have any questions.

tax assessment

Starting August 1, 2022, Courthouse Online will be by subscription only

Clean and Green enrollment has been extended to October 15th, 2020.

Real Estate Assessments - General Information 

Indiana County has more than 48,000 parcels of real estate. It is the duty of the Assessment Office to value all parcels uniformly and fairly for real estate tax purposes. The last countywide reassessment was completed in 2015. Evaluating all property in Indiana County at 2015 market values satisfies uniformity, mandated by law.

While property is appraised at 2015 market values, it is taxed at its assessed value, which now is 100 percent of the 2015 market value. It is important to remember, especially when filing an appeal, the duty of the assessment office is to determine property value. Under law, the assessment office cannot and does not raise or lower property taxes.

The 2019 tax year billing and payment period is underway. The appeal window for 2019 has closed, but the appeal period is underway for property owners to request reconsideration of assessed property values for the 2020 tax year. Find details of the appeal process here on the 2020 Property Tax Assessment and Appeal Process page.

The deadline to apply for the Clean and Green Program for 2018 is June 1, 2017.

Real Property Taxation

The real estate tax is an important revenue source for county government, 11 school districts, and 37 municipalities within Indiana County. White Township is the only municipality that does not collect a real estate tax. Tax rates are established annually by each of the taxing bodies based upon their budgetary needs.

Tax rates are expressed in mils or millage. One mil ($0.001), is one-tenth of one cent. Real estate taxes are billed twice annually. County and municipal taxes are issued in the late winter or early spring and school tax bills are mailed in July or August


You will need to contact the office it was paid to. The Tax Collector or the Tax Claim Bureau.

At the Tax Collector’s Office of the municipality in which the property is located. The Tax Assessment Office does not have this information.

Tax Claim Bureau (724) 465-3810.

No. The Tax Collectors and Tax Claim can only accept cash, check or money orders.

Property records are available to the public in the Tax Assessment Office. The office is located on the 2nd floor of the Indiana County Courthouse at 825 Philadelphia St., Indianan, PA 15707.

No. Once approved, a parcel remains in Homestead/Farmstead until ownership changes or parcel is no longer owner-occupied.

You must file an Annual Appeal. Appeal application must be received/postmarked by August 1st of the current year to appeal for the following year. The appeal hearing is to argue the “Market Value” on the parcel, NOT the actual tax amount.

If you receive a change notice, your change notice will indicate your appeal deadline.

You must be able to demonstrate that your assessment is in excess of current market value. The law presumes the assessment value is correct until proven otherwise.

Appeals are heard by the Board of Assessment Appeals and are scheduled after the deadline. You will be given a 20 day notice of your scheduled hearing.

Market Value is defined as “the price, in a competitive market, a purchaser willing but not obligated to sell, taking into consideration all the legal uses to which the property can be adapted and might reasonably be applied.”

Yes, as long as it is the Primary Residence of the owner. Should they move, the parcel will lose Homestead by Clean & Green will not be affected.

A MOBILE HOME TITLE IS REQUIRED FOR ANY OWNERSHIP CHANGE. If a title is lost or unavailable, PennDot must be contacted (by the taxpayer) for a replacement/duplicate. All notary offices required a no lien certificate before they will process paperwork to transfer a title.

**If a mobile home is being moved, a “Removal Permit” must be obtained form the tax collector.

**If a mobile home will be demolished, a “Demolition Permit” must be obtained from either the Planning Office or the Township/Boro. Office.

After a deed is recorded with a new description for the subdivided parcel. The changes will be made for the following tax year. (This is also how requests to combine parcels are handled.)

Tax maps are not available online. Copies are available at the Assessment Office for a fee.

*Our maps are for tax purposes only. For dimensions/legal description, you should refer to the property deed. The Register & Recorders Office can assist in searching for a recorded survey.

No. Assessment tax maps are not legal evidence of size, shape, or location. Our maps provide a general location based on the deeded description of a parcel and the surrounding parcels. Only a surveyor can determine your boundary. If your neighbor still refuses the acknowledge the surveyed boundary line, an attorney should be consulted. The Assessment Office does not offer legal advice.