Prothonotary & Clerk of Courts

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Randy Degenkolb

Prothonotary and Clerk of Courts 
Indiana County Courthouse
1st Floor
825 Philadelphia St.
Indiana, PA 15701-3973


Phone: (724) 465-3855
Fax: (724) 465-3968

Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-4pm

Closed Holidays

Welcome to the Prothonotary and Clerk of Courts

Welcome to the Office of the Prothonotary & Clerk of Courts of Indiana County in the “Keystone State” of Pennsylvania! It is our privilege to serve you. On this page you will find our fee schedule, office hours, courthouse address, phone/fax numbers, and also a web-mail address to contact us.

Please know that we must receive “original documents” in person or via physical mail (and these must have original signatures). We do NOT acknowledge documents sent to us by fax or e-mail to be original documents.

There is a subscription service available to view public, civil documents online at a cost of $25 per month. Please call  (724) 465-3855 to pursue this service. In addition to civil (Prothonotary) and criminal (Clerk of Court) filings, we also maintain the Naturalization Records of Indiana County. Many have utilized these records for family history searches.

You are of course always invited to view our public records in our office. Remember that it’s “A Wonderful Life” in Indiana County, Pennsylvania and we certainly look forward to serving you.
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Criminal/Clerk of Court Division

  1. Click docket number or participant name
  2. Click Court of Common Pleas
  3. Enter known information
  4. Select the case & add to cart
  5. Follow prompts to complete process
  1. Click docket sheets
  2. Click Common Pleas Courts (or Magistrate)
  3. Scroll down, enter docket # or search participant name